Cergy Paris Université

Admission Requirements at CY Cergy Paris

Candidates at SUPERNOVA willing to apply to CY programs must satisfy all the regular requirements for the Foundation Program plus the following:

  • All applicants must have a minimum fluency of B2 in English and in French (this last one except for Data Science, as the program is fully taught in English).
  • Students who have 12 full years of schooling at the end of high school and have (or will shortly have) their school leaving certificate
  • As a general rule, international candidates must hold a valid secondary school qualification obtained after at least 12 years of schooling. Candidates entering SUPERNOVA with 12 years of schooling may enter programs at CY after successfully completing the program in only one semester.
  • Candidates entering SUPERNOVA with only 11 years of secondary schooling must complete two semesters of the Foundation Program, in order to complete the required criteria