On-Campus ProgramOnline Program
Application Fee: €70*Application Fee: €70*
Enrolment fee: €300* (Upon acceptance)Enrolment fee: €1.000* (Upon acceptance)
Face to Face SUPERNOVA fee:  €2.700* (30 days before classes start)Online SUPERNOVA fee:  €3.000* (45 days before classes start)
* Non-Refundable (including cases of visa request denied)

Program Cost Includes:

Program Cost does not include: (Expenses not required for the Online Program)

The following expenses are not included in the cost of the program so students will need to prepare for these:

Pre-Departure Expenses:

Overseas Expenses:

Additional Information

Total expenses vary by student and are subject to change depending on currency fluctuations and personal habits. The approximate cost is 650 € monthly per student if you get a place in a University Residence; if it is in a Private T1 apartment you can increase the values up to 3.3 times. For quick reference, visit the links below for an estimated cost of accommodation and a comparison of costs between your current city and Lisbon:



Lisboa - rio Tejo

Photo: Lisbon, Tejo River