SUPERNOVA was designed for students who have recently finished high school and plan to apply to Higher Education at European Institutions.

SUPERNOVA will assist students from different countries in adapting to the European education system, developing language and academic skills at an appropriate level for successful progression to an undergraduate course at some of the best and most innovative european Universities, including NOVA and some of its partners. 

Students are guaranteed progression to the first year of a relevant degree at one of these partner Universities, provided the progression criteria are met.

The program also includes English or Portuguese classes for foreigners. Students are allocated to this module depending on the level of proficiency in English or Portuguese at the time of entry. Students with levels above B2 are exempted from taking this module.

This program is regulated by University-approved rules which are described here.

Key benefits of attending SUPERNOVA

  • Prepare the pathway for an international University degree.

  • Prepare the transition to the European university system by increasing autonomy and adjusting working methods.

  • Improve or acquire Portuguese and English language competencies.

  • Facilitate the subsequent entrance into one of the academic programmes at NOVA or its partner Universities

  • Access optional courses in different academic areas.

  • Live in Lisbon, Portugal, a city with a top quality of life in one of the safest countries in the world.

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